Our attitude is essentially based on our moral values. Attitude has a strong influence on a person’s way of thinking, actions, objectives and statements. Whether in school, at the university, in everyday – or in professional life, people progress better, overcome barriers more quickly and deal more constructively with setbacks, if they have the right attitude. Particularly now in the 21st century with its fast-changing trends and new challenges, the right attitude is essential for private and professional success.

Saliya had to learn with the occurrence of his handicap at the age of 15 to respond to all obstacles of the seeing world immediately and solution-oriented. The focus has always been on the effective overcoming of uncertainties and the development of new strategies, in order to reach life’s goals. Everything did not always run smoothly and he often had to learn through setbacks. Saliya pleads today for a positive life attitude and advises to leave behind inherited thought patterns. Thanks to his positive attitude Saliya has mastered all of his life crises despite considerable limitations and is now a successful businessman.

In this lecture, Saliya gives his listeners insights into his outlook on life including his code of moral values. He takes his audience on a journey through his life and gives every listener the impetus to question his / or her own way of thinking, in order to find new solutions for personal problems. Through his vivid narrative, Saliya encourages people to be more open-minded and creative in their everyday private and professional lives and, if necessary, to re-orientate themselves. The right attitude is essential for success in this complex, digital and rapidly changing world.

Title: “Against all odds!”

Lecture duration: 30-45 minutes