Saliya Kahawatte gave a very personal and inspiring talk to DSM Nutritional Products colleagues on March 13. 2018. He commanded the stage and totally captivated the audience. His sincerity, wit, vulnerability, openness was over riding. The way he told his life’s story was mind-opening for all participants on what is possible in life, even when it seems all hope is gone. He brought out an open and engaged dialogue because he created such a safe environment. Colleagues openly shared personal stories; all based on the openness and trust he endorsed. Another aspect Saliya talked about was focusing on the abilities instead of the disabilities of people. This triggered a lively discussing between Saliya and the audience and many ideas were born during this Q&A on how inclusion and diversity can be defined newly and lived differently than the “known”. We would certainly recommend others to engage Saliya in such a forum! (Dr. Stephanie Krammer-Lukas, Global R&D Center Head Human Nutrition and Health, DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland)

“A unique person who has developed spiritual strength from a physical disability. Due to his handicap, he is not visually distracted and concentrates all the more on essential facts and strategic processes.” (Alexander Skibbe, Marketing Consultant Volkswagen AG)

“You have touched us very much as a human being and your speech was a key experience for all of us.” (Dolores Kleine-Besten, Regional Director, Deutsche Bank AG)

I highly recommend Mr Saliya Kahawatte as a key note speaker  who greatly impressed us with a moving account of his dramatic experiences as a visually disabled person in the working world.This speech was given at the Diversity & Inclusion Days 2017 held at the headquarters  of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main on 12 and 13 June 2017.Mr Kahawatte captured our attention and touched our emotions during  his 40 minute speech – given without notes. His authentic description of the problems faced by a disabled person at the workplace and the strategies he developed to solve them gave us pause for thought. Where did this man get the courage and self-confidence to overcome the many set-backs in his life and continue to persue his carreer goals?! He gave us a true picture  of the situation  of the visually impaired in the labour market.We can and should integrate this knowledge in our daily actions and thinking.Thanks again for your inspiring  example M. Kahawatte! (Jörn Paulini, Head of Human Rsources, European Central Bank, Frankfurt)

“Mr Kahawatte has given an authentic insight into his life to hundreds of guests at the BETHMANN BANK SUMMIT 2014. His emotional and intensive presentation touched evryone in the audience.” (Johannes Baratta, Member of the Management Board, Bethmann Bank AG)

„His methodological-didactic approach, as well as his communicative abilities captured the participants interests and motivated them sustainably. ” (Bianca Schaffer, Training Manager, Hilton Hotels Germany)

“In summary, his key note provided me with more openness new perspectives and better self-confidence than I ever had before.  I happily recommend Saliya Kahawatte as a key note speaker to executives in similar positions whor are willing to address their status quo in a critical and open manner. “(Peter Fehlmann, Director of Strategic Account Management, Johnson & Johnson, Switzerland)

Saliya Kahawatte was a stroke of luck for us. He has touched many listeners through his unique story and impressed them by his optimistic attitude – even under the worst living conditions. The cooperation was excellent and characterized by the conviction that one can always strive for perfection as a service provider. The individualized and adapted lecture was a highlight on our 361 ° ALCON TOUR. Customer response was very positive and the key speaker, Saliya Kahawatte, played a decisive role in this successful tour. (Heike Hädrich, Director of Professional Affairs, Alcon / NOVATIS

“45 minutes of speaking time never passed faster during Mr. Kahawatte’s lecture.
It is simply fascinating how he reaches everyone in his audience from trainee to Managing Director. I would certainly book him again for upcoming events and look forward to his new books and films. (Heike Schirm, Director of Personnel Development, Cordes & Graefe KG)