Am I innovative? Or do I tend to copy other people’s ideas and concepts because it’s more convenient? There are still unique, new and innovative things to be discovered in this digital world, but it is sometimes hard for us to find them. It always makes sense to thoroughly research an innovative idea before making it public.

In this speech, Saliya would like to encourage people to better recognize their innovative abilities and use them professionally or privately. He motivates his listeners to become aware of their potentials and implement them in reaching their life goals.


In this key note Saliya tells how he repeatedly had to “reinvent” himself in order to be successful, despite his handicap in the world of the sighted. He talks about his school days, his work in the hotel business, his university studies and how he started a business without capital.

As an entrepreneur, Saliya was always been aware of the risks involved, but developed innovative solutions, to financial problems – despite his disability. Unfortunately, the first three years of self-employment were a disaster. Only when Saliya presented his autobiography at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2009, his unique positioning was intensively perceived and frequently discussed by the media.

He used this publicity to promote his business, flirting with his handicap. After his breakthrough at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Saliya wrote a screen play based on his life history, which was then filmed. In the meantime, this movie was shown in German cinemas and sold to 40 other countries.

His lecture is inspiring for people who are looking for innovative approaches for their products and services. Let yourself be inspired!

Title: “From the bottom to the top!”

Lecture duration:30-45 minutes