How often do we fail to take the initiative, due to a lack of confidence, or let us be misguided by unspoken fears? Do we sometimes apologize for not committing ourselves because we couldn’t find the time or didn’t have the courage to do so? We all need the right dose of motivation to pursue our goals vigorously, and develop new strategies to reach them. If we lack the sufficient motivation to tackle new challenges, we are not using our full potential! In the worst case, we pass up valuable opportunities that could have brought us real success.

We should always realize that life offers many hidden opportunities. It is a question of how to recognize and develop them with the right motivation.

Saliya explains in this lecture how he repeatedly reached his personal limits and overcame them through motivation, diligence, and action. He no longer thinks in terms of problems but describes opportunities.

He advises his audience to solve problems by means of motivation, and tells them how these can be overcome with determination. Thanks to the pictorial descriptions of his life-experiences and his optimistic and confident attitude, Saliya inspires his listeners to set new goals. His message is that we should believe in our abilities, have more self-confidence, and an optimistic outlook on life. Beat unspoken fears and overcome your own limitations with Saliya’s motivation techniques!

Title: “Life is a challenge to be met!”

Lecture duration: 30-45 minutes