SPEAKER-INTERVIEWInterviewer: Markus Krause I 07.16.2017 As an expert in communications, marketing and sales, Mr. Krause has been helping companies to identify and reach their target groups more effectively for many years. What are the core themes of your presentations?

Saliya Kahawatte: Attitude, Motivation, Innovation, Resiliency, Education, Service & Customer Orientation, Buddhism, Cultural Diversity and Inclusion


Which audience and / or industry do you reach with your speech?
Saliya Kahawatte: I reach a wide range of people, as companies always consist of people. My audience is made up of company employees from a wide range of industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, banking, governmental, private institutions, entertainment, real estate and healthcare. I speak to employees at all hierarchical levels, from apprentices to top managers.


How long have you been giving key note speeches?
Saliya Kahawatte: Since 2006 I speak professionally to people. I try to capture their attention and inspire them. I work with my team in Germany and abroad. To speak to people, fills me with joy and passion. I hope to continue my speaking tours for a very long time.


Where do your inspirations for the key note speeches come from?

Saliya Kahawatte: My inspirations come from my personal experiences as an employee as well as – an employer. I have been on both sides of the working world and can therefor draw on a wide range of experience. During my many years of work as a consultant and coach for managers, I was able to expand my experience considerably and keep up with the newest business trends.


What would you like to give your listeners on the way?

Saliya Kahawatte: I would like to point out to them that everything is possible if you really want it! And I make great efforts to convince people that the struggle for success is always an endurance sport in which set-backs are only to be assessed as intermediate results on the way to the top.


How do you see the future?

Saliya Kahawatte: All companies must respond to the mega-trends of globalization, digitalization, demographic change and the scarcity of resources while remaining competitive at the same time. This presents both companies and employees with new challenges. Those Companies that fail to respond effectively to change will fall behind their competitors.


What is your life motto?

Saliya Kahawatte quotes: “The only constant in the world is change,” (Buddha)